Monday, December 16, 2013


Some people around here are REALLY into the Christmas thing.  Lots of people put up trees, lights, and a smattering of outdoor decorations.

Then there are those that go above and beyond.

Sometimes, it's a matter of quantity.  There used to be a house here in town with so many lights in their yard you could see the glow from blocks away.  They had the lights, and painted plywood cutouts of every Christmas character you could think of.  Unfortunately, people grow old and die, and their yards no longer glow each year.

There is a house here in town that strives for the quantity prize.  They go crazy for lots of holidays, but Christmas is the big show each year.  The newspaper even published a story about them the other day!  Anyhow, I drove by the other day and I think they were just setting things up.  It was still looking a little sparse.

It's a bit crowded in there

They even change it up every so often - here's a couple of pictures from 2009!

Holiday train

The neighbors have their house up for sale - they're no longer able to cope with the holiday decor eyesore of this place...

That's a lot of stuff...

Santa on a pole!

Sometimes it's not quantity that counts, but enthusiasm.  This next fellow wins that prize in my book.


That's right.  A Christmas tree in the back of a truck.  There's even music!  He dashes around town, and I even saw him off-island the other day!

Such holiday cheer.

Or maybe insanity.

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