Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Neighborhood lights!

The holiday spirit has hit and many people in the neighborhood are putting up lights both inside and out.  I took a little stroll around the block last night to try and capture some of the highlights.  I took my "good" camera (an SLR) in hopes of getting a few good shots.  I'm not very skilled with the settings, and low light photography can be a challenge.

No problem!

Just wiggle the camera around, and everything becomes ART!

Wave to the abominable snowman!

Fun with lights!

LED overload

Ooooooh... Aaaaaahhhhhhh...

I'm not sure I'm a big fan of the new LED lights though.  They have such a cold feel, as opposed to the old lights.  One neighbor put some of those up, and it looks really nice.  They lined a fence, and the glow shines on a big oak tree.

Lighting up the oak tree

Such a cozy warm feeling!  never mind the neighbor was putting them up in 19 degree weather the other night when we walked by.  What a trooper!

There's one more very special light display - small, yet very, um, uh... take a look yourself.

Lights in the window...

She's such a nice little old lady, I'm sure she has no idea.

Or maybe she does.

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