Monday, December 2, 2013

Treasure or travesty?

Christmas is all about giving gifts, right?  Showing that you care about your friends and family by buying crap they didn't ask for and really don't need.


That's certainly what it seems like if you happen into any store this time of year.  They fill the aisles with pallets of candy and prepackaged gift sets, ready for you to grab as you dash by on your way to the cheap electronics you're buying for yourself.

Here's a lovely body care set for the slightly odoriferous teen boy on your list.  No need to come right out and tell him he smells and really ought to shower more often - just give him this set because it includes a Battlefield 4 Battle Field Code - a $13+ value!!!  Whatever the hell that is.

But hey - ANARCHY!  The box says ANARCHY in edgy neon letters.

BONUS!  Axe chilled cooling face wash

Be sure to tuck a few anarchist pamphlets into the box for young Billy to find when he searches for that special game code.  He'll thank you for it later.

This next one, well, I'm not really sure who you might buy this for.  Because honestly, nobody deserves something this horrible.  If you want to buy for somebody that wants to grow a few houseplants, then for crying out loud get them a real plant.  Not some novelty item that will end up collecting dust in the corner!

And there is NOTHING decorative about these.

Duck Dynasty Chias

Gift giving is pointless when you're giving crap like this.

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