Saturday, December 7, 2013

Local decor

I've been out and about the last couple of days, and managed to snap some photos of local Christmas decorations.  Lots of people are finally getting their lights out - I even saw a guy putting his lights up tonight in 19 degree weather!  Dedication.

Last night, we headed over to Anacortes for a friend's art show and dinner out.  Anacortes has a bit more going for it than my town, Oak Harbor.  For one, it has several art galleries so they can actually have a Friday night art walk!  And plenty of shops the go all out for the holidays.

First, we have the white flocked tree with pink lights.  Very nice.

Shiny pink tinsel tree

Next, we have the distant lingerie mannequin, holding the lights as if she was the one decorating the tree.  You're not fooling me, toots!  Nice robe, though.

Thank goodness they've given me a robe in this cold weather... it is a bit drafty near the window

More art than "decoration," but I liked this little snowman that looked like he was trying to get the attention of the people across the gallery.  "Let me OUTTTTTT!"

Hey!  Over here!  Hey!  Let me out!

Today I had a putter around downtown.  Overall, it was pretty lame.  The highlight was wandering through the antique shop and taking photos of creepy dolls.  You know how it is.

I did see a couple of little things, plus somebody decorating one of the taverns!  I always like their getup - it includes music playing outside.

Decorating the tavern!

Here's a cute little Rudolph figure!


And a nice little snowman ornament.  With a glitter broom!


Not everything out there is to be mocked.  Just most of it.  ;-)

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