Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ta ta, 2013...

Not sorry to see you go.  It wasn't all bad, but things sure started out stressful!  Here's our year, in one picture for each month...

Syd has taken up sitting on Michael's lap as his latest daily routine

January:  Broken leg, broken leg, broken leg...

Michael the hobbler...

February:  Still broken, but slightly more mobile!  We started to get out now and then.

Blueberry patch is looking great!

March:  Time to get back into the garden!  We had a couple of sunny days and I was able to clean up a bit.  A rare dry day during a very wet spring.

Jonathan Evison

April:  Hosted a great author and wonderful person for our annual Whidbey Reads event - Jonathan Evison!  The secret highlight was stopping at 7-11 so he could buy a banana.

Full bloom

May:  It may be wet, but look at those lilacs!  It was a bumper spring for them.  And there's one of our new apple trees!

The sun brightens Syd quite nicely!

June:  Syd the Squid!  Our dear friend Christine painted this incredible likeness of Syd for our gate.  She paints great Sasquatches too!

Our favorite place in Seaside

July:  A very busy month!  We had a fun 4th of July celebration drinking margaritas with our friends, then headed to Seaside, Oregon to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday.  Syd didn't get along with my brother's dogs, so it ended up to be kind of stressful.

Our trailer at home!

August:  We got a trailer!  A 1967 Aloha.  The vintage trailer bug bit us bad, and we were very lucky to find this beauty nearby for a good price.  I had a crash course in pulling a trailer, and after a crazy couple of days running around we got it home.  Never mind that drive home in pouring rain with the no taillights...

Nice trailer!

September:  We took the trailer out for our first trip - a loop around the east side of the Cascades, with stops in Yakima (HOT), Lake Chelan (WET), Winthrop, and one last night at Bayview State Park, just a few miles from home.  We were going to go pick Nolan up at Yellowstone, but he found his own way home and all things considered, that was probably for the best!  We can't wait to take the trailer out again when the weather starts to warm up.

Much larger than I expected!

October:  What a year for fungi!  I saw my first ever amanita muscaria.  COOL!

Syd helps Nolan with his homework

November:  Nolan graces us with his presence now and then.  He's loving college, and doing very well.  Syd is happy to be at the center of attention, as always.

i love my squeaky pencil!

December:  A long year ends on a happy note.  Michael's leg is much better, and he's getting around more and not using a cane or any other type of walking aid.  Syd is happy as ever, and I can't complain.  I hope 2014 continues on this happy note.

Happy New Year!

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