Sunday, January 12, 2014


It's a wild one out there!

The wind has been blowing and blowing and blowing.  Then it rains, then the wind blows some more.

I got to experience all of it today!  Lucky me.

The morning walk with Syd was the best.  We took out route above the library, and up through one of the Navy housing areas.  When we got to the top of the hill and could see over to the other side, it looked like the North Sea over there!  Syd stopped and stood for several minutes, just sniffing the air.  I can't even imagine what a day like today might smell like to a dog.  We continued on our way, and about three blocks from home Syd made a great find - a PIG EAR!

What the heck?

It was in front of a house that previously had a dog living there (they just moved to a house on our street, yay).  I got a good look at it before he snapped it up, so I knew it was okay.  It was quite soggy though.  He got a good hold on it, and then we ran the rest of the way home!  I think he just wanted to get his treasure home so he could chew it up in his special spot.

He was a dog determined!

This afternoon we got completely soaked on our walk.  I could see ominous black clouds to the west, and made the decision to go out a bit early and try to beat the storm.


It started raining before we were a block from home, and continued until long after we returned home.  It was wet.  After a few blocks, I just gave in and didn't worry about it.  Syd loved it!

I'm ready for summer now.

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