Saturday, January 4, 2014

One more day!

My vacation is drawing to an end, dammit!  One more day to relax.  It will be a day of shopping for the week, and reading a bit, and maybe doing a little in the garden.

THE GARDEN!  I've started thinking about the garden in earnest now.  I hate the fact the backyard is in shadow so early in the day.

Winter garden

Here is my winter garden!  The rabbits are making sure nothing weird happens out there.

I got a catalog in the mail today from Raintree Nursery, whom we bought our apple trees (and grape) from last year.  It just makes me want to buy 45 more trees!  No room for that many though.

We could put a few things in the front yard.  Our rosemary plant, which we brought inside during the coldest weather, is doing quite well.  We should really plant it outside.  They do quite well in these parts, and grow to ginormous size.  I'd like to add a few more blueberry plants, or maybe a plum tree.  I think this is the year to start planting in front!


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