Saturday, January 25, 2014

The owl... is so superb

One week.  One week until complete and utter madness descends upon our corner of the world.  Football.  Seahawks.  Blue and green are everywhere...

I really like those colors together, but don't want to be mistaken for a football fan.  Because really, I don't care.

Thankfully, an alternative has arisen, and is becoming better known and more popular ~


A time to love all things OWL!

Look at this - there's even a snack that looks like owl pellets!  I'll be bringing them to work that day for sure.

Recipe:  Owl Barf Balls

In the past when I've worked on this day, we've had an Anti-Superbowl party.  This year, we break tradition and go for something much more exciting and positive.


Barred Owl

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