Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tech talk

What a face!

What do you mean, I have pancake batter on my brow?

I figured I'd share Syd's heart-melting look before I get all geeky and start talking about computers.

It's been a very computery weekend.  On Friday, Michael's Macbook finally bit the dust.  It's been hobbling along for a long time, but the last few days it was frightfully clear that the end was near.  It was crashing whenever he tried to do anything - he'd not been able to update anything on it for a long time and it just didn't want to do anything.

Time for action!

By some fluke, there was a nice iMac right here in town that was listed on Craigslist.  For a VERY GOOD price.

It's a bit older than mine, but the previous owner must have been a good computer geek - it was totally wiped clean, and has a terabyte hard drive!  The reason they were getting rid of it was because they have too many computers.  A person can only use so many computers at once, it seems.

It was right here in town!

We arrived a few minutes early to look at it, and were out the door before we were even supposed to arrive.  Ha.

Michael spent the afternoon getting it all set up, and moving everything from his old computer to the new computer.  It all went so smoothly!  It even kept him logged in to Facebook - weird.

There was a lot that needed to be updated, and as he went through everything we discovered that the Opera browser that we had loved for so long had changed a lot - and dropped some rather important features.

Bookmarks, anyone?  Hello?

It turns out that I had an older version of Opera on my computer - I had noticed the automatic browser updates had stopped, but hadn't thought much of it.  I did notice more and more problems with compatibility though, and now I know why!

Buh-bye, Opera.

Hellooo, Safari!

Today I spent a few hours transferring my internet life to Safari.  I got to organize my bookmarks from scratch, and clean things up.  Not to mention how fast Safari is!

Oh, I did not know the woe I was suffering until I knew.

Opera is dead to me.

Now here's another picture of Syd.

I'm cool

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