Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The parallel arrangement of platy or prismatic minerals in a rock that is caused by metamorphism in which directed pressure plays a significant role.



B42 said...

Only a liberian could come up with that...or a geologician I suppose :)

Looking good here, I too must find a way to write something beyond the one liners and one sentence comments...longhand for me is easier when conveying thoughts and emotions for some reason, and I sit here with two nearly empty journals by my side. I used to, but it was different then I mutter to the masses in my head, or maybe it was just the same and I've truly become lazy like the other.
Just gotta Keep On Bloggin'

Anne said...

Well, you know that my first degree was geology, don't you?

I've always tried to keep journals, but especially recently haven't had much success. I think if we just keep encouraging each other to write in any form, then that's a very good thing.