Sunday, February 24, 2008

Looking ahead

The idea of the month of March is already making me feel a little tired, and slightly apprehensive. I have A LOT going on at work, and my schedule is pretty much crazy from beginning to end.

It starts off with a bang on the 1st, with my Teen Advisory Group meeting. Yikes - that's NEXT SATURDAY!!! It will be fine, I have no doubt about that, but it's suddenly not very far off.

The week of the 10th I have two evening programs to oversee. No worries there, but it will be a busy week.

And the last week its off to Minneapolis for the PLA conference. Me and thousands of other Librarians will descend on the city for a few days of workshops and networking. I'm really looking forward to it, but the traveling part makes me a little nervous.

The truth of it is, I haven't flown on an airplane for over ten years. I used to travel kind of regularly for work before Nolan was born, and it's really no big deal. But now I have a much lower tolerance for stress. I've allowed myself an entire day to get there, so I won't be all rushed and stressed trying to find may way around. I've never been to Minneapolis either, so that will all be new.

Wish I had a laptop to take with me, but I don't. I may just buy a couple more memory cards for my camera, so I don't have to worry about limiting my photography. 6 gigs ought to be enough for six days, right?

Haha, it's me we're talking about here. Minimize photography, ahahahaaaaahaaaa...

Murky waters

Oh yeah, somehow I have to fit my birthday into that month. Celebrate! Or some such nonsense.

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michaeldustdevil said...

i think march is going quite swingingly actually... big XXX's