Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long Day...

I should really be in bed now. But not quite ready to go there...just a few more photos to upload to Flickr, then I'll be ready.

What a gorgeous day it was today. The sun was shining so beautifully. I spent the majority of my day at the 4-H Super Saturday event - five workshops over the course of the day. It turned out to be a decent use of my time. I learned a few logistical things that will help me help Nolan with his activities, and also got to do some creative things.

The best thing I did was learn to make mittens from old wool sweaters. Essentially all you do is shrink them in hot water, then use the sleaves to make the mittens with some very simple sewing. They can then be decorated with buttons and colored yarn. Easy, and very cool! I spent the evening finishing off all the seams, and now just need to decorate. I'll post a picture once I get the decorations finished.

I happen to have a box full of sweaters that I've already felted/shrunk. Now I know what to do with them! The body can be used to make very nice handbags, and the sleeves can be used for mittens, iPod covers, water bottle name it. I'm no longer intimidated by my box of sweaters.

Weakened by wool!



Met some nice people, too.

After the workshops, I took a little side trip to the cemetery to take pictures. I haven't been there in quite a while, so it was nice to visit and walk around for a bit. One of my favorite things is to lurk in cemeteries - but not an a creepy way. I just really enjoy looking at the graves, and taking photos, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.



Awaiting the final rest...



Now that I think about it, I'm really excited the weather is improving. There are quite a number of cemeteries I'd like to visit and photograph. I have even considered writing a book about the cemeteries here in Washington state - what a great excuse to get out and photograph them!

But tomorrow is "build a theremin day." Should be fun...

Cheers, hugs, and well wishes to all.

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