Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yarn, and making...

I've been happily plugging away at my "age before beauty" blanket project, and I'm happy to say I'm over halfway finished!  I've been using yarn that I had on hand for most of it, and it turned out I had less purple than I thought.  Fortunately I had some lovely green and gray yarn that fits into the color scheme well.  I did order some yarn to get a contrasting color for sewing the sections together - keeping that hidden for now!  I will say it's going to work great.

I did buy a couple of other yarn skeins to mess around with.  Not sure what I'll do with this one.  It's 50% bamboo and sooooo soft!

We'll see.  I'm sure I'll think of something, or maybe I'll just carry it around with me and rub it against my face when I'm stressed out.

Sure.  That seems like a good plan.

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