Monday, January 4, 2016

The Lottery Ticket

Last year I did "A Year of Making" which entailed making something every day for 365 days in a row.  I'm not going to write about that now, but wanted to mention it as many people have asked what I will be doing this year.

My answer, besides not committing to do anything 365 days in a row, is that I will be reading more.  My goal for the year is 100 books.  I read more than that in 2014, so I know it can be done!  My reading habits are a bit different now though, as I no longer have to read a large number of young adult fiction for my job.  Yay! (I was getting a bit burned out on those)

Last year, I also started Goodreads group based on the 2015 Reading Challenge put out by Popsugar. I did not come anywhere near finishing - some of those categories were real skunks.  The group has grown, and this year we developed our own 2016 Reading Challenge.  Today I finished my first book!

The Lottery Ticket, by Jules Verne (also known as Ticket No. 9672) was what you would a call a very NICE book.  It was published in 1886, and it was certainly appropriate for young people or those wanting a gentle read.

Plot Synopsis: 
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari -
Hulda Hansen of Dal, Norway anxiously awaits the return of her betrothed, Ole Kamp who promised her great fortune on his return. Ole works on the fishing boat, Viking, which is expected to return soon, but when it doesn't, it is feared lost. While this is going on, Hulda and her brother Joel also worry about their mother Dame Hansen, who hasn't been acting like herself, ever since that visit from a man known as Sandgoist. A guest staying with the family is Sylvius Hogg, who is taken with Hulda's story and uses his position within the government to help out. One trace of the ship is found, a bottle that contains a note for Hulda and a single lottery ticket, numbered 9672. News of the tragedy and the hope of the possible riches of the lottery ticket spread around the countryside, especially interested is the man Sandgoist. What fortunes await the Hansen family when the day of the lottery drawing arrives?
I found it for free on iBooks, and thought it would be kind of fun to have on my phone to read during those times I found myself with a few minutes to spare here and there.  It worked well for that.  Easy to pick up and put down, so to speak.

That's all for today!

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