Monday, June 27, 2011


Nolan is in Yellowstone right now. Right NOW. I'm jealous.

That's him, standing next to the sign and sending me a text to let me know he's there, so I can catch him on the webcam. I'd been speaking to him on the phone just a minute before that, but was on my way home for dinner break and had to fire up the computer to get the webcam shots. I'm glad he's there, and enjoying a relaxed trip there with his dad. They're going to do some back country hiking

Did I mention I'm currently reading a book called "Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park" by Lee Whittlesley? It just happened to arrive on one-week interlibrary loan a couple of days ago. Seeing as the library system went to the expense of bringing it to me, I HAVE to read it, right?


It's really interesting, actually, and I am enjoying it despite the paranoia it causes me to feel, knowing that Nolan is out there in the mad wilderness. He's pretty savvy, and not a fool when it comes to the reality of *being* in the wild. Unlike most of the idiots that visit the park. He was telling me about getting stuck for 2.5 hours due to bison along the roadway - some people thought it would be clever to "herd" the bison with their cars. They finally managed to squeeze through an opening and get out of the traffic jam - he reported the bison seemed angry, and were snorting a lot. If only they had rammed the offending cars!

Here's a lovely little vid from our last visit to Yellowstone, in 2008. YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE BISON!

And on that note... it's time for bed!

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