Sunday, June 26, 2011

This thing working?

Tap tap.


Seems to be in one piece. Probably still able to take whatever I have to dish out. Seems it's been over a year since I've posted here.

Oh my, oh dear.

I haven't been much in a writing mood at all for a while, my other, long running blog has also suffered a drought of verbiage. My three followers have probably grown bored and gone elsewhere for entertainment. Oh well. I hope they've found something interesting. I know my mom is busy with their new Subaru, so she probably hasn't missed it much. And the knock-off shoe spammers are probably annoyed I haven't provided them any new posts to spam, but hey. Such is life.

Trying to decide what to focus on here - my garden? books I've read? witty social commentary? Stories about the library? Anthropormorphising traffic cones?

Suggestions welcome.


Cheryl said...

Why do you have to focus? Write what you want to write; I'll read it.

Anne said...

Thank you!

You're right, I just need to WRITE!!!

Tongue said...

write about why people in this cuntry are not rioting as yet... that would be a good thing...

Anne said...

They are much too busy watching 'merican idol and such... they don't know that the rich are raping us dry.

we'll explore this topic, yes.