Friday, October 17, 2008

Still Friday!

The only difference is, I'm now off work for two days! Woohoo! I'm really looking forward to some relaxation time. Funny thing is, I spend an awful lot of time still thinking about work, even when I'm not there. It didn't used to be that way, when I worked in circulation. But not that I do reference and programming, I am constantly thinking about it! Especially now, since we have a Halloween party coming up.

I promised photos of the display, here it is. I have to say though, it is really tough to take photos through the glass glare. Oh well. I'm wanting to upload my photos to Flickr, but they are having some major problems today. Going though a big update, and the servers are sketchy. Or something. Anyhow, here are two pics of the display. Very hard to really capture it well!!!

I'm tired.

The kid is sick today - stayed home at his dad's house. He's here now, but just laying in bed reading. Some sort of feverish thing. I always feel so badly when he's sick, I just want to wave a wand and make him better! But I think only lots of rest will do that this time around. Phooey.

Now that he's not feeling well, I'm not sure now the weekend will turn out. We will be visiting with my parents for a while on Sunday. That should be interesting. My mother seems to be having some major memory issues - I'm going to have to talk to my dad about it. We are not exactly a family of good communicators, but the signs are just too big to ignore now.

But if we're lucky, she'll forget she planned to cook her new dish --> a can of apple pie mix on the bottom, pork chops next, the stove top stuffing on top. Hmmmm....

Whatever. I can't type too well. I'm going now.


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