Monday, February 18, 2013

My time off...

Just waiting now to hear about the job!  Hopefully news will come soon this week...  many of my coworkers are pulling for me!
In the meantime, I enjoyed my time off, though most of it was full of rather mundane activities.
  1. Monday - Michael to the doctor
  2. Tuesday - Me to the dentist
  3. Wednesday - job interview, Syd to the vet
  4. Thursday - Me back to the dentist, a bit of fun poking around downtown in the antique shops
  5. Friday - FUN AT LAST!!!  Driving off island for lunch!
I can't really complain, it was really nice to have the time off.  I enjoyed poking around downtown, and managed to get some good photos of clowns and dolls.  What more do I need, right? On Thursday afternoon I headed "downtown" to see what was up in the shops.  My first stop was the jesus thrift store, which is worth checking into now and then despite the despicable music one has to endure.  I found one of my favorite sweaters there, and also these great ceramic mushrooms.  Nothing particularly great on this visit, other than the charming little cross stitch kit below.  I declined to purchase it, however.

I'm a sewer at heart!

I saw this flyer on the window of several businesses, and it both frightened and disgusted me at the same time.  There is just so much going on here that is WRONG.  For instance, why is this taking place in a public school facility?  Are they open to any and all groups?  It seems a bit dodgy to me.  Not to mention TOTAL WANK!

Why is this taking place at the school district administration building?

Then I headed over to the Trading Post to look at overly expensive antiques.   They had a set of four clown pictures that were a bit intriguing, but had not price tags.  I figured I'd ask, and it turned into a big rigmarole with the young kid working calling the owner.  There was a long conversation about them being "on hold" for some guy, but if I really wanted them they could call the guy and see if he still wanted them and BLAH BLAH BLAH.  The original price was $125 but they would let me have them for $75 BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Well of course that was way more than I was willing to part with (and I knew they'd be too expensive), but it was an interesting exercise.  Especially when I got home and told Michael about it, and then he explained how this is a standard sales technique!  Here's one of the charming clowns I passed up ~

Like my duck?  She has a hat!

They also had this very special "vintage" ashtray (collective groan, we are all older than VINTAGE now) - it looks like a second grader made it!  In fact, I was in second grade about that time...

Waaaaaah!  I'm older than vintage!

Wow.  I haven't even gotten to the dolls yet!  They were in the antique shop, which is full of dolls.  I love that when you walk to the back of the store, they are EVERYWHERE... Here are my favorites from this visit.  The dollie with spider legs for eyelashes, and the bag of arms and a head.  The way she's fondling her own arm - my goodness!

Will somebody please get these spider legs away from my eyes?!!
Someday I will be one again...

Okay.  This post is getting a bit long.  I haven't even gotten to our trip off island yet!  I'll tackle that one next time!

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