Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beach stuff!

How many people do you know that found a drawer on the beach? Not many I bet. None, except for me. I found it. It's mine.  I carried it back to the car.  It's mine.  MINE!!!!

I found this drawer on the beach!

I'll be planting flowers in it and moving it here and there in the garden. This may seem like a mundane thing, but I must say I'm quite excited about the things I might find on the beach these days!  I was hoping for a float, but this was quite a spectacular find!  Much better than a mere float.  But I still want floats! Last year  we saw these floats from a distance - unattainable!  Drats.  Way far below us...

Dammit!  These floats were a good couple hundred feet below and I couldn't get to them

And good ones, those.  Oh well.  I'll have to stick closer to home to find things for our garden.  But I do hope to end up with something like this someday!

Float tree

It will take time, patience, and many hours on the beach!  I'm not sure we' ll never accomplish this (seeing as we don't live directly on the coast)

Beachcomber House

Oh well... a girl can dream.

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