Friday, September 19, 2008

Well then...

A lot has happened since I sort of ditched this blog in March.

Many stories to tell, and do not worry, they will come.

However, you will have to put up with some of my old writing first. Today I was cleaning out another box of things after our move (I had A LOT of boxes, but only a few left) and found a collection of things I must have written for a creative writing unit in english class in high school - 1981. Heh. Before I chuck it all into the recycle bin, I'm going to post a few selections here - for posterity's sake.

Ha. My first inclination was to write for "posterior's" sake...

That may be more appropriate. We'll see.

Also - when I post a medium size photo here from my flickr account, it slops over the side of the alloted blog post area. Too bad. They don't look as good small, and I can't be bothered to track them all down in whatever long lost folder they might be hidden in on my hard drive... or external hard drive. I have "a few" photos.


The scientist at work

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