Saturday, September 20, 2008

December 11, 1981

The money bucket

Another character sketch. I think the good thing is when I go back and read these, they don't make me cringe. In fact, I can imagine them within the pages of a novel written for teens... sort of. I do sort of wonder what my mindset was at the time though. Hmmm...

Grade: 20-20

Vanessa held out her hand.

"Give me the money now, Daddy. You owe me $100 for this month's allowance."

"Vanessa dear, I'm not going to give all of it to you right now. I think you should put some of it into the bank."

"But Daddy," she whined, "I need it to buy a new outfit. I haven't been shopping for a whole week. Please..."

"You know I don't like doing this, but this is the last time I'll do this. And this time I mean it!"

Vanessa's icy blue eyes gleamed in the light. "Thank you Daddy."

She flipped her long black hair and laughed as she walked out of the room. "He falls for it every time," she thought to herself.

Vanessa stopped and looked herself in the full-length mirror. She began practicing modeling poses.

"Oh, you're so wonderful!" she said to her reflection, as she watched her tall slender body strut back and forth in front of the mirror. She held the money over her face.

"You look so well in green, dahling," she cackled at the mirror.

"Vanessa! Are you talking to me?"

"No Daddy, you must be imagining things," she replied sweetly.

Vanessa ran upstairs to her bedroom.

"Gretchen!" she called, "where are you? I'm going shopping and I want you to get some clothes out for me while I take a bath."

"But Miss-"

"Don't 'but Miss' me! I want you to do it now!" Vanessa yelled.

"Yes Miss."

Vanessa took her bath, and then proceeded to get dressed. Once she was all bundled up and ready to go, she went downstairs to get the keys from her father.

"Oh Daddy dear," she cooed, "could I p-leeese have the keys to the Caddy?"

"Is it absolutely necessary? I was thinking about using the car today."

Vanessa held her hands behind her back and looked at the floor. She kicked a piece of lint that floated by.

"Well, I was gonna get your Christmas present for you today," she sniffled.

Her father gave in, as usual.

"I guess it is o.k. But this is the last time."

"Gee Daddy, if we had another car we wouldn't have this problem. Maybe we should get a car for me!" exclaimed Vanessa.

"No, I don't think we need one. We can get along fine with what we have."

"But just think Daddy! If we had another car, you could use the car whenever you wanted to, and so could I!"

"You do have a point there. I suppose tomorrow we can go look for cars."

"Oh thank you Daddy! I want a Corvette!"

"Whatever dear."

Vanessa grabbed the keys and skipped towards the door. She stopped at the mirror and looked at the smirk on her face.

"You're so great!" she said to her reflection, "you burn him every time, you little con artist. But hey - life's tough."

Vanessa walked out the door with huge grin of satisfaction on her face. She thought to herself, "today Vanessa conquers her father - tomorrow she takes over the world!"

Well then. I don't recall having any particular issues with my father when I was younger. I always got pretty much everything I wanted, within reason. There was that one sweater though, that I REALLY wanted and didn't get. It was white, with a wide turquoise stripe across the chest... When my parents decided they would buy it for me, we went back to the store and it was gone. Harumph! I really wanted THAT sweater!

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