Saturday, May 2, 2015

Garden progress...

Oh hello!  I haven't been here in a while.  I've just not been in the mood to blog, but lately I've been more in the mood.  I was looking at Weebly as a possibility, but in the long run I think sticking with this is best.  I think it's best to put everything in one spot, since I'm not a big famous blogger with time to figure out a complex website system!  Haha.

I've been working a lot in the garden.  Now that we are without pets, I find that I have so much more time to get things done.  No dog walks, and no hours spend building the hateful cat fences!  Anyhow, here's what I've done the last couple of days...



Not too shabby!  Lots of hard work though.  I've been spending a lot of time sifting compost and dirt this year.  The bed to the right had a double sifting.  I'll be building a new cucumber trellis there next, and planting them in a couple of weeks.

Today's bed did not get the second sifting.  I sifted the compost (necessary), but not the soil as I mixed it in.  NEXT YEAR!  It looks pretty damn good as is!  I planted corn, pumpkins, and zucchini. The side bit closest to the patio is where the borage has grown the last few years.  I need to extend it a bit, and maybe even toss in a few new seeds.  Borage reseeds incredibly well, but it does have a shelf life.

You can barely see the potatoes poking through in the back bed.  The oregano in the corner is taking over.  I've started to clear along the fence, so we WILL have sunflowers back there this year!  The long range forecast is for warm and dry - which bodes well for the garden!  WARM.




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