Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Moving on...

Oh, how we miss our Syd!  We said our goodbyes yesterday, after a very difficult couple of days with him.  I have to say, the vets at Penn Cove Veterinary Clinic are the best, especially Dr. Lark.  When we called them yesterday morning, it was looking like Dr. G would come out after work, around 5:00.  Not ideal, and to be honest we weren't sure if he would make it that long.  But there was no way we could get Syd into the car, so waiting it would be.  Dr. Lark decided he could come over on his lunch break.  It was so sad, but the time had come to end the suffering for poor Mr. Syd.

It's going to take some time to get used to the negative space and silence here at home.  We gave him the best life we could for three years, so hopefully it made up for whatever horrors he experienced before we had him.  I suspect it did.  But you don't realize how much of your life revolves around your dog until they are gone, eh?

Now we must move on though.  I've started taking a long walk every day to make up for the lack of dog walks - which frankly, didn't really resemble exercise for the last few months.  Today I walked 2.4 miles at a brisk pace.  There is hope for weight loss yet!

We had also planned to take our almost annual Darwin Day trip to the coast, but canceled last week when it became clear Syd had big problems.  Now that he's gone however, we realize we REALLY need the getaway.  We decided to go to the coast this Friday, to Long Beach.  there should be plenty of hotel rooms (even though it's lovey-dovey weekend) as we are not terribly picky - and no longer require a dog friendly room.  There's a long paved trail out there, so we're going to take our bikes.

The fresh salt air and getting away from the sad house will do wonders to help us move on.  We'll love him forever, but more than anything we're glad he's not suffering anymore.

Poor bugger.

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