Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Woof!  Woof woof!

Syd Barrett

Yesterday the neighbor brought this lovely doggie over to spend the night in our garage - she found him outside of town and he just jumped right into her car!  They have dogs and cats next door, so no place to put a temporary lodger - thus coming over to ask us.

Well....... let's just say that he didn't spend more than the five seconds it took him to pass through the garage in the garage.  The rest of the night he spent here inside, and this morning we bought a collar, leash, bowls, food, etc... looks like he's here to stay!  I checked Craigslist, and there were no postings for a big lost black dog like this.  I also posted a vague "found" ad.  If he has owners that care about him, they'll need to identify him clearly to get him back.

We're tending toward thinking he may have been abandoned - so many military families have to leave the area and can't take their dogs with them, or these days it could be a foreclosure.  He had no collar, and is very emaciated.  It will take a bit of generous feeding to plump him up - but he'll get there!  After spending a day with him, Michael reports that he has never been walked on a leash, and doesn't really get the concept of play.  We gave him a bath tonight and he still smells a bit, poor fellow!  It's going to take two or three more baths to get rid of his funk.

He's been trained some - he knows sit, and stay.  Still a lot of work to do, but he'll get there eventually, even if he is a bit dim.

We've named him Syd, after Syd Barrett.  He gets a bit confused thinking Syd is "sit."  I posted a "found" listing on Craigslist, and noticed that nobody had reported a lost black dog since Christmas Eve.  I suspect nobody will claim him.

The cat is feeling a bit insulted by it all.  But getting used to Syd's presence.

Kitty reacts to the sudden introduction of a dog in our midst...

I'm on holiday for the next six days.  Life is good!

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