Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Library

Be good to your librarian!

The movie you requested, and in fact several of your movie requests have been REJECTED. That's the way it goes, toots.

Printer error message - turn off, turn on. And yes, your print job will come out.

Coworker found some blank "Diplomas" in the donations, and wondered if we'd like them to give to people who take our Book-a-Librarian classes.

Helped patron make reservation for a 2-hour computer, required some rigamaroling.

Helped regular patron look for speech pathologist programs - Eastern Washington University offers an undergraduate program. It was not pleasant when she emphyzema coughed in my ear.

Checked hold queue position for a man who wanted to know if he'd have time to take two other books to read before they came in. Yes (unless he reads REALLY slow).

Speech pathology patron came back - needed help setting up to write reviews through our catalog (new feature with the new system). The book she was going to review: Whites, blacks and racist Democrats : the untold history of race & politics within the Democratic Party from 1792-2009 by Wayne Perryman. Can't wait to read what she's written! (I should also mention that this woman uses the Answers in Genesis website).

Two little boys came to get their "free italian soda" cards stamped. The younger asked if only one person would win the cookie as big as your head. I told him yes, one kid from each library. He made a very strange face, than told me he knew somebody that got their italian soda already. "It was a girl." Then he ran off.

Headphones checkout

Another check for hold queue positions.

"Can you tell if this DVD is in Korean or another language?"

Nook eReaders - showed where to access ebooks on our website

Passive aggressive lady needs help getting photos onto Craigslist. Other staff member accidentally called me Jane when he pointed her in my direction. She actually said, "my heart fell, because Jane is the only one I don't like." WOW. Thanks for sharing that bit of information...

Same patron couldn't log into the computer - somebody else had it booked but fortunately they didn't show up and she was able to log in. She said she booked it by phone this morning, for 11:40 (but my records showed somebody totally different had it booked...). I'm glad it worked out because she can get REALLY pissy.

"Can I use this computer over here to check email?"

Time to help upload photos. This woman is maddening! Wrote down steps for her to save to flashdrive from email, then upload to craigslist. Her friend (the speech pathology woman) had printed out information for her that suggested uploading photos to flickr or picassa first, then using the html. WAY TOO COMPLICATED for this woman! She says "that's a cute skirt" [DON'T TOUCH ME!!! Gah!]

Thrift store skirt

"I can't get this map to print, it's too big." (I had to do it from my computer, where I can be more tricksy with jpg images)

[Why am I still on the routing list for Billboard magazine? I thought I changed that months ago - it's not about music, it's about the industry sucking the musicians dry. I hate it! And man, that sub sure has a cackle laugh]

My favorite genealogy patron needed help with the new Yahoo email interface.

Time to actually upload the photos to Craigslist- I ended up doing it for her. Typical.

Afternoon librarian is stuck in construction traffic and will be late.

Favorite genealogy patron tells me about the "badger game" which is somethng criminals did to extort money from people

Phone call - need email for the KOMO 4 consumer reporter.

Summer Reading finisher

Afternoon librarian made it on time!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello and a handbasket!

Isn't that the saying - we're all going to hell in a handbasket?

This giant cement basket full of fake flowers was very surreal and horrifying

Nice one, eh?

People's taste in yard decor never ceases to amaze me.

But that's not what I was planning to talk about. I'm not sure where I'm going here tonight. So I'll just RUN with it!

Today was my third anniversary with the most wonderful Michael Dustdevil - creative genius, both musically and epicuriously - he takes much better care of me than I deserve. I grow the food, and he cooks it! It's a perfect partnership in every way.

I love him so very much.

Of course, being madly in love with your spouse doesn't really fall into the category of "going to hell in a handbasket."

I think that has more to do with the world in general. I've been too busy to pay close attention to the debt "deal" and that's probably a good thing - I'd be so pissed off I was really paying close attention. If I was paying attention, I wouldn't say "paying attention" so many times in two sentences! Sheesh!

Margarita time!!!!!!

Have another margarita, why don't you, silly girl?!! Only I don't drink margaritas every day. Probably a good thing.

Ignorance is bliss. I love my husband so much. I love my job. I have wonderful friends, both new and old, near and far, in person and online. You're all wonderful.

Thank you.

And now... something completely disturbing, because what else would you expect from me?