Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello and a handbasket!

Isn't that the saying - we're all going to hell in a handbasket?

This giant cement basket full of fake flowers was very surreal and horrifying

Nice one, eh?

People's taste in yard decor never ceases to amaze me.

But that's not what I was planning to talk about. I'm not sure where I'm going here tonight. So I'll just RUN with it!

Today was my third anniversary with the most wonderful Michael Dustdevil - creative genius, both musically and epicuriously - he takes much better care of me than I deserve. I grow the food, and he cooks it! It's a perfect partnership in every way.

I love him so very much.

Of course, being madly in love with your spouse doesn't really fall into the category of "going to hell in a handbasket."

I think that has more to do with the world in general. I've been too busy to pay close attention to the debt "deal" and that's probably a good thing - I'd be so pissed off I was really paying close attention. If I was paying attention, I wouldn't say "paying attention" so many times in two sentences! Sheesh!

Margarita time!!!!!!

Have another margarita, why don't you, silly girl?!! Only I don't drink margaritas every day. Probably a good thing.

Ignorance is bliss. I love my husband so much. I love my job. I have wonderful friends, both new and old, near and far, in person and online. You're all wonderful.

Thank you.

And now... something completely disturbing, because what else would you expect from me?

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