Saturday, November 30, 2013

The horrors of the holiday...

I like the lights this time of year.  I love walking the dog in the evening, and seeing all of the twinkling lights that people put up.  I love putting up my own lights here at home - in fact it's pretty much the only decorating I do anymore (though I've thought about getting out some of my best ornaments this year).

Anyhow, I had to get a few new strings of lights this year, since a lot of my old ones had crapped out.  I got a new string of blue icicle lights, which I'll be putting up in the front window tomorrow along with a string of white icicle lights.  Those will look great!  Today I had to run out and grab a string of white lights to add to the doorway ensemble, as well as some lights to put into the fireplace.  I decided to go for red and white, and I dare say it looks lovely!

Don't worry - we don't actually have fires in our fireplace!  The lights won't burn up.

I dragged Nolan along with me to K-mart to get the lights today.  We also needed aspirin, and they even had my favorite thick socks back in stock.  YAY!!!  That made me very happy.  I'm down to my last two pairs and they're bound to wear out soon.  I was afraid I'd never see those socks again.


But those are all good things, and I promised you horrors.

We saw horrors, as we strolled along the back corner candy "gift" section of the store.

Behold the Limited Edition KISS Pez dispenser set...

No need to shop anymore!

Are you done beholding?

Better hurry, this was the last one left.  Obviously a popular item, and so early in the shopping season!

Certain to be worth several tens of dollars in a few years, as long as you don't open the package.


Could it get any worse than this?  Why yes, yes it could.

Jesus candy!

I have nothing more to say.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Let the fun begin!

I've decided to make the most of the holiday season this year.  Make the most fun of it, that is!

inflatable hunting snowman with rifle

I was surprised how few people had their decorations up today when I took Syd for a walk after dark.  I suppose they were all busy fighting like crazed animals for "doorbuster" bargains on televisions and waffle makers and whatever the fuck else they're buying for themselves.  Fair enough.  I expect decorations to go up tomorrow.

Don't these people realize the season is short this year?  Thanksgiving is LATE.  Get on it people!  I'm putting my lights up tomorrow - I worked today so I have an excuse for not doing it today.  I really like the lights this time of year.  They make a difference on these short dark days.

But the other decorations... yikes.  Take above rifle toting snowman, for instance.  We passed a house with this exact decoration today.  Because what says Christmas more than a snowman set on shooting something to death?  Maybe he's just heading out to the Black Friday sales.

Nobody, nobody will get between him and that cheap off-brand tablet that won't be compatible with any of the apps people actually want to use.  NOBODY!