Thursday, October 22, 2009


Seems that video is a bit wide for our purposes here - or maybe it's just my computer. Whatever. I'll post some lovely photos to move it down a bit...


We dont' need no stinkin' Obamacare!

Do we?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life has been good... busy, and good.

The garden doesn't keep me quite as busy these days, but it's still growing strong. I took down all of the sunflowers, and hung them from the lilac trees so the birds can feast on their seeds for a while. They look sort of Blair Witch Project-ish dangling in the wind... but the birds don't mind. They're eating up the seeds like crazy.

The last few days have been sunny, so we've been getting out to enjoy it while it lasts. Nolan and I hiked around Pass Island yesterday, and today the three of us took a brisk jaunt through the nearby corn maze. I don't know that it was quite worth the $12 we paid for the privilege, and they charged extra for the "hay" ride (dust ride) into the zombieland section of the corn maze. Boo!

Oh dear... looks like it's bedtime for me. G'nite!